Looking for a safe and easy way to brighten your property this year?

Premium Year-Round Outdoor Lighting

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Unlike any other permanent lighting solution

Our lighting strips blend seamlessly into any building’s structure, becoming invisible by day and impressively vibrant by night. Professionally installed superior lighting technology customized for your building in the Greater Salt Lake City Utah area. Permanent lighting that you can control with your smart phone, even if you’re not tech savvy! Enhance your building’s curb appeal today with Connect Lighting.

Elegant and Low-Maintenance

Enhance any home or business with our state-of-the-art weatherproof outdoor lighting system that adds a touch of elegance to your property. Our permanent lighting solution seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture and replaces traditional temporary holiday and decorative light strings with long-lasting LED lights, saving you time and money. Enjoy year-round peace of mind with our high-quality, low-maintenance lighting system that adds both beauty and security to your outdoor space.


Licensed Installers

Safe & Secure

Power Usage Savings

16M+ Colors

Year, Week, Day Automation

50K Hours of life

Liven Up Your Home

Connect Lighting’s Residential Lighting Solutions offer 16 million color options to create various scenes, patterns, and effects for your neighborhood. Combine roofline, landscape, and patio lighting for any occasion and enhance your home’s beauty and liveliness with Connect Lighting’s solutions.

Elevate Your Business

Boost the competitive edge of your business with Connect Lighting’s cloud-controlled, color-changing lights. The user-friendly app allows for easy scheduling and account management, drawing the attention of prospective customers whenever they drive by. Show your commitment to enhancing their experience and illuminate your path to success with Connect Lighting’s solutions.

Transform Your Institution

Connect Lighting’s Institutional Lighting Solutions engage your community by showcasing support for the local high school team, business partners, and celebrations through various lighting effects and scenes. Illuminate various structures like water towers, bridges, and recreation centers to boost the night economy, promote safety, and foster community togetherness.

Full Control Over Your Lighting

With Connect Lighting, you’ll discover a wide range of high-tech, user-friendly control solutions, including localized onsite controllers and cloud-based options. These solutions enable you to customize color options, timer settings, and program light sequences, while also allowing for seamless integration with home automation and security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a local company we are here to help you love your lighting for years to come. We can provide annual inspections, as well as help with warranty claims.

Yes, our low-voltage LED lights use 12% of the energy required for standard string lights, helping you save on energy costs.

Yes, our lighting system can be integrated with your home or business security system, including an automated response when the alarm is triggered.

Yes, you can select the white balance you prefer from candle light warm white of 1800K to cool energetic white of 6800K.

Our products have a life span of up to 50,000 hours.

Yes, our product has a functional and intuitive user interface designed for convenience, simplicity, and reliability.

We offer a 3-year warranty on all our products.

The application to the home really depends on the surface we are attaching to. If it is a clean flat surface it is attached with commercial grade adhesive. If it is cement, brick or rock it is attached with cement anchors. For wood, most of the time it will be screws. Our qualified installers will make sure your lighting is fixed to the structure for years to come.

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3 Year Warranty

Control with mobile App

After-Sales Support



3 Year Warranty

Control with mobile App

After-Sales Support