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Yes, as a local company we are here to help you love your lighting for years to come. We can provide annual inspections, as well as help with warranty claims.

Once we have your material prepped, we setup a date and time for the installation. On the installation day, we show up and start installing the lights. After the lights are installed and we paid all controllers, we help download and program the app with you. We go through a training with you on how things operate. Then we finalize the invoice and collect final payment.

You can either submit a form on the website or call us for a quote. We collect your information; address, name, phone number. We setup a time to measure the building and meet with you. While there, we provide a quote. If you accept, you can put 50% down to get on the schedule for installation.

Yes, our low-voltage LED lights use 12% of the energy required for standard string lights, helping you save on energy costs.

Yes, after the initial installation, there is very little maintenance; even the bulbs will serve you for 10+ years.

Yes, our lighting system can be integrated with your home or business security system, including an automated response when the alarm is triggered.

Yes, you can choose and customize light effects, presets, and scenes to set the perfect mood with a simple touch.

Yes, you can select from 16 million colors, save your favorites, and create your own scenes for any time and occasion.

Yes, you can select the white balance you prefer from candle light warm white of 1800K to cool energetic white of 6800K.

Absolutely! Easily schedule your lights through the BlueRoots app.

Yes, whether for residential, commercial, or municipal use, you can make sure the right folks are equipped to control your lighting system from the convenience of their own devices.

Our products have a life span of up to 50,000 hours.

Yes, our products are weatherproof and can withstand Utah’s varied weather conditions.

Yes, in fact, our lighting system will provide you with a new set of tools to bolster your home or business security.

Our products can be installed quickly and efficiently by our licensed installers. A typical home can be installed in 1 day and there should be no interruptions to you while it happens. Currently, the time frame is a couple weeks, from estimate to install.

Yes, we offer a web app for our product, which is especially ideal for commercial or municipal projects.

Yes, all our installers are licensed and experienced in installing our products.

Yes, our product has a functional and intuitive user interface designed for convenience, simplicity, and reliability.

We offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

Yes, we regularly add new features and enhancements to our products to provide an even better user experience.

No, it can be retro-fitted. However, we are also happy to consult during the design phase of your home or business.

The application to the home really depends on the surface we are attaching to. If it is a clean flat surface it is attached with commercial grade adhesive. If it is cement, brick or rock it is attached with cement anchors. For wood, most of the time it will be screws. Our qualified installers will make sure your lighting is fixed to the structure for years to come.

Your lighting will be completely customized to your home or business.

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