Fully Control Your Lighting

The Magic of Lights in Your Hands

High-Tech Yet Straightforward Lighting Solutions at your Fingertips with BlueRoots App

The BlueRoots App empowers you to control your lights with ease! This user-friendly app is available on both iOS and Android, providing powerful features, for even the least tech-savvy among us. 

schedules & automation

Once you set your lighting schedule, you can sit back and let BlueRoots take care of the rest.

effects, presets & scenes

Easily achieve the desired ambiance with a single touch by selecting and personalizing lighting effects, presets, and scenes.

multi-user control

The BlueRoots app isn’t limited to one user, but makes it easy for other family members or employees to make needed changes.

RGBW sliders

Choose from a range of 16 million colors, save your preferred ones, and create custom scenes suitable for any occasion or time by setting schedules.

whites control

Schedule or adjust the white light according to your preference, ranging from a warm 1800K candlelight hue to a cool and energetic 6800K white.

features updates

In an effort to constantly enhance the user experience, we regularly release new features and improvements.


Through zones, you can customize lighting for each part of your home, business, or municipality, giving you unprecedented flexibility and convenience.

custom patterns

Lets you create unique and personalized lighting effects using programmed color sequences and patterns.

Powered by Meshtek

With Connect Lighting, you’ll find a range of high-tech control solutions that are user-friendly, including both localized onsite controllers and cloud-based options. These solutions enable you to customize color options, timer settings, and program light sequences, while also allowing for seamless integration with home automation and security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a local company we are here to help you love your lighting for years to come. We can provide annual inspections, as well as help with warranty claims.

Once we have your material prepped, we setup a date and time for the installation. On the installation day, we show up and start installing the lights. After the lights are installed and we paid all controllers, we help download and program the app with you. We go through a training with you on how things operate. Then we finalize the invoice and collect final payment.

You can either submit a form on the website or call us for a quote. We collect your information; address, name, phone number. We setup a time to measure the building and meet with you. While there, we provide a quote. If you accept, you can put 50% down to get on the schedule for installation.

Absolutely, our low-voltage LED lights use 12% of the energy required for standard string lights, helping you save on energy costs.

Yes, after the initial installation, there is very little maintenance; even the bulbs will serve you for 10+ years.

Certainly, our lighting system can be integrated with your home or business security system, including an automated response when the alarm is triggered.

Of course, you can choose and customize light effects, presets, and scenes to set the perfect mood with a simple touch.

Yes, you can select from 16 million colors, save your favorites, and create your own scenes for any time and occasion.

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5 Year Warranty

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