Jellyfish Lighting Alternative

Jellyfish Lighting Alternative: Connect Lighting Shines Bright

If you’re looking for holiday lights, exterior accent lights, or security lighting, the choices can be overwhelming. It’s smart to leave this kind of project to the professionals, who can guarantee the results you’re looking for. Besides, a DIY approach won’t only cost more in the long run, but the time and stress aren’t worth it. But which company has the best service and products to make your home or business stand out?


Why Consider Connect Lighting as Your Jellyfish Lighting Alternative 

A popular option is JellyFish Lighting, but before you follow the crowd. Exploring the superior options available, such as Connect Lighting, is crucial. 

Here’s why Connect Lighting shines as the top alternative:

Better Products:

If you choose Connect Lighting instead of Jellyfish Lighting, you’ll see an improvement in product quality. From the type of bulbs used to the intuitive app that puts you in control. Connect Lighting excels in every aspect. What’s more? Connect Lighting provides services for both businesses and homes. Including individuals, homeowners’ associations (HOAs), and business owners.

Diverse Experience:

Connect Lighting’s owner is a Utah native with decades of experience in the landscaping industry. Unlike companies with limited experience. With a comprehensive understanding of design installation, service, and repair, he can address all your questions and concerns. His expertise extends beyond the lights. He has an eye for enhancing your entire street view, ensuring the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Jellyfish Lighting Alternative

More Functionality:

With Connect Lighting, the bulbs you choose during installation aren’t limited to specific white or color options. With our BlueRoots app, you can customize your lighting, from the warm, candlelight glow of 1800K to the energetic cool white of 6800K, at any time. Additionally, you have access to a palette of 16 million colors, allowing for endless creative possibilities. The BlueRoots app is not only easy to use but also supports many users and remote control.

Year-Round Lighting Solution

Connect Lighting offers a long-lasting LED lighting system designed to withstand Utah’s harsh elements for up to 20 years. This weatherproof solution is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

Permanent exterior lighting blends into your property’s architecture, saving you time and money compared to temporary holiday lights. This practical and time-saving approach is sure to leave your neighbors envious while enhancing your curb appeal.

Let’s Connect Your Lighting Today

If you’re searching for a straightforward, reliable, and affordable solution for your outdoor lighting needs it’s time to reach out to Connect Lighting. We’re eager to learn about your goals and how you can enjoy year-round exterior lighting. Contact us today for a free quote, and take the first step toward celebrating the next holiday in style with the perfect lighting solution.